Pay Per Click-PPC – The Term That Will Drive Your Online Business Forward

Pay per click/PPC is the process of paying companies on a per-click basis to display ads that will drive traffic to your website. If your business is already reached a profitable stage and converting visitors into buyers then pay-per-click/PPC is going to change the way you do business online.

When starting out using PPC online advertising things can be fairly tricky getting to grips with pay per click rules and regulations that advertisers need to abide by to support the service of using pay per click/PPC advertising.

The major player for providing a PPC service is Google AdWords which provides advertisers with a vast array of tools geared towards making the pay per click/PPC advertising easier. They provide all the training needed but they also give a lot of terms and conditions that you will need to get familiar with before jumping right in at the deep end.

There are other businesses that are successful using PPC online advertising without actually ever needing to log into their AdWords account. They do this by opting to use the services of a pay per click management service. There are companies that are accredited by Google themselves to certify that they are fully trained and more qualified to offer a PPC management service by going through the required training from Google to make sure that they can meet the advertising standards expected from all users.

All advertisers have the option to go through the training and become certified. Some even opt to go through the training even if they never plan to use their certificates. It simply provides the advantage of ensuring they are fully knowledgeable of the platform before launching into a full-blown, pay per click/PPC advertising campaign themselves to drive traffic to their website.

There are many ways pay per click/PPC online advertising can drive your online business forward whether you advertise yourself directly or use a management company to run your advertising for you. There is a couple of other terms that are associated with PPC online advertising which show the different routes that can be incorporated within your advertising to best reach your target audience.

Take for example search engine marketing. This is fairly tough to get to grips with and can have a high level of competition with advertising competing using bid prices to gain the top ad placement within the search engine results page. (SERPS). Getting involved in bidding wars before learning the process can be damaging to your revenue so it is best to only do this once you are aware of the quality score factor that plays a huge part in search engine placement as well as the cost you pay per click.

The easiest option that most beginners start out with the content network. This is the simple approach of placing your ads within other sites within your niche area that have AdSense enabled on their site. AdSense is a Google publisher service. Publishers get paid a slice of the ad cost you pay for advertising space on their site. Using the content network provides the advantage of only displaying your ad to people already looking at information within your niche using other sites. Your ad appears in front of them through various sites which makes sure you can easily reach your target audience. You will need to set up ad groups correctly with relevant keywords to allow this to happen.